Sunday, January 2, 2011

Liquor'd Up

Well. Things have been odd. Erik broke the other girl's heart, then promptly was a complete asshole to me.

So I made out with a guy, whose name is apparently Joe Graham. Also, apparently, he's Dan Duckett status teenage provo high girl dream material.

I seem to crush teenage dreams. A lot.

I was displaying Glaciosity. Maybe too much. I told said boy I didn't want to have sex with him. And that he couldn't touch my vag. He did have nice hair, and some rather nice formal wear.

Christ Why and I discussed the happenings at the mall. We are like Clueless, without all of the money.

The trip to the ER for Christ Why's gallbladder was... eventful. Haha. Hazen danced to NSYNC.

Noise music with Erik and Greg is fun! I'm beginning to despair hardcore of Erik and I repairing our relationship any time soon.

My emotions and psychological business is a bit on the fritz. Thank baby Jesus, and the pharmaceutical industry, for Prozac.

Also.... Fallout New Vegas. I am in love.
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