Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Lord Sandra... FFSMML!!!!

I like that my phone recognizes FFSMML as a word.

So I had a rather.... um.... disturbing, if not, in some ways pleasant dream.

I dreamt that Nephew's baby mama killed him, then herself, and I found them dead in a truck near Springville....
Afterward, I was very distraught, but Erik was like, ignoring the fact, and went off with Sher'l.
So, in my distraught mind, I made Jamin pick me up in a helicopter that shot fire (?), and we partied. Then I made sexy time with a certain boy who lives at the HQ and a certain female roommate of his. Christy walked in in the middle, because she was mad that I hadn't put my taco wallet in my vag as a "surprise".......?

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  1. I love how many badass toys Jamin has in your dreams.

    Also, I don't suggest putting your taco pal up your vag it just doesn't seem sanitary.

  2. I feel as if my red bottom is blowing its cosmic horn....