Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silver Screen Shower Scene

I really must say.... Normal things just do not happen to me.

Yesterday, for instance:
So there's this girl I've been kinda flirting with online and via text.
She happens to be the older sister of a girl I used to work with.
She also happens to work at this waxing salon that does something called a "VAJAZZLE"
And, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.
Seriously. Click this.

Anyway, she does massages there certain days of the week.
It was a good price, and I was really ouchy and stressed....
Yep. Met mysterious internet woman for a massage.
It was excellent.
There was, sadly, no "happy ending".
But she did mention wanting to have tequila sometime.

I also began rollerskating on a whim last night, and have decided, on a whim, to tryout for roller derby.
I'm almost certain I will not make it this try out.... But, as I now have my own skates, I can practice whenever.
Sooo..... I'm in need of skating buddies to accompany Miranda and I in our adventures.

p.s. My ass feels ridiculously firm after last night, even considering the bruises.

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